Who is “TheChazz”?

You already know me the Photographer, Chazz but now you get to meet Nikki, Cinematographer!

She has been shooting all of the BTS videos for me since late 2023! With a genuine interest in Cinematography you will see hew work shine in almost ever new shoot I post!

You know, I had a in depth story here about who I was and what I had become. I decided it was time for a re-write because there’s a large part of my life I MUST include to truly push who I am today.

SelfPort-25-Edit1Like anyone else I was born an infant, raised as a child, and groomed into an adult. What is different about my story are the influences that made me who I was and who I am today. Of course at birth my only influence were my parents, and despite the flaws of life the best I could ever have. My father Clarence was a Body repair guy, a coin machine repair guy, and most memorably a classic car restorer. Without a doubt this is where my affinity for working on cars comes from. Growing up I did everything from cleaning up grease to building engines. Those small influences at a young age are life impressing. My mother, Susan, was a draftsman. This is no doubt where my creative mind came from. Without my endless attempts with Corel draw (A crude version of Photoshop) and plundering her work materials Id have never had any idea of how to work with mechanical drawings or editing. Now not to forget, my sister came along when I was three. This taught me my keen sibling combat skills. But to give her credit, she started three years late, but has made it light-years ahead with a loving family and a home of her own. She may not have taught me much as a child, but I am still learning now.

As a child, teen, and young adult I grew up with influences from my extended family. Most notably my older cousin, Clint. Pretty much my brother by technicality as I grew up with him as much as I did my sister. This is when I started getting into music, games, and more traveling. Also the Import and modern day car scene. First ever import shows, concerts, and tuning shops were with this guy.

Something else that needs to be mentioned, the reason cars and cameras affect my life so drastically; and why I will NEVER quit either of them. Cars and cameras are DIRECTLY linked to almost every single lifelong friendship and enmity I have today. Now why mention this? Well I feel not only do these things affect my life, but I feel they may effect everyone I know. Whether you enjoyed something I did to a car enough to do it yourself or inspire something you did. Or I took a photo that changed your view of a person, place, or thing, I think that I did affect almost everyone. Photography and cars are responsible for the most influential friends of my life. Why mention my enemy’s? I can think of VERY few people I hate. Most people I am not friends with is over simple verbal quarrels or disagreements. Nothing that I can think of that couldn’t be resolved with a simple discussion. I think I could still be friends with 95% of the people I don’t talk to any more. I’m sure at least half of these people are on that “list” because of something I was wrong about. People that disliked the things i did to my cars or the photos I took growing up are just as responsible for the things I learned and do today as the people who were positive, and for that I thank them.

I am not the same person now that I was years ago. I, like anyone else evolve. Looking back I see things about myself before that I HATE and NEVER want to be again. However in retrospect I look at myself today and see things I don’t like and wish I could change as well. In the end I don’t regret who I am today, or yesterday. I am who I am because of who I want to be. You can do, have, be, see, and go anything/anywhere in life you want. It is SIMPLY up to you to MAKE it happen.

I want to personally, and from the bottom of my heart extend all the thanks in the world to anyone who has ever helped me in any way to get to where I am today. Weather you loaned me a dollar, gave me a ride, gave me a hand or a hand-job(lol), you let me photograph you, your car, your friend, your home, or liked, disliked, commented on any photo or modification Ive done. Gone to a movie, had a conversation, invited me to a meet, a cruise, or a car-show. Every single one of these things has directly influenced who I am today, and who I will be. All of my success in life is accredited to anyone who has offered any insight, response, influence, and even hate. I again, thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Who is “TheChazz”?

  1. Pretty awesome story dude! It’s pretty inspirational. I should just read this when I need some inspiration.

  2. Howdy The Chazz!- I am so impressed with all your work and the beuty of your models that I have made a donation- see- I am not soo creepy….Regards and keep up the good work….you are very talented and have awesome cars and ladies…
    Ed Porben from Miami, FL (“creepy” guy from car wash video comments)…

    P.S.- Mariel is from Miami, FL….per her Facebook page….lucky you guys have her in MO! ; )

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