Brittney James and Kirk’s 370Z and my S2000

During my vacation home before deployment I met up with many of my friends back home. For a long time I had been promising Brittany that we would shoot, and finally the opportunity presented itself. The car, Kirk’s new 370Z has been talked about quite a bit as shortly after the 370Z’s were released to the public, his was the first to fall off the Dragon (Tail of the Dragon). The car survived and came out with only a few bruises and a missing front bumper. Because of how new the car was, a replacement bumper was not yet available so this shoot avoided that angle! With my S2000 cleaned up after the long drive to South Carolina we tossed it in for a few shots as well. This shoot went straight downhill to begin with. Location #1 was a small nearly unused road behind the Florence airport.

The shoot began at sunset and the Autumn leaves were bursting with color so we opted to shoot in a corner with plenty of color. Within the first 10 minute the cops show up and give us a hard time because of a poor choice of location. Despite the road being unused we were lectured for blocking the road (Only one lane mind you) and threatened for a short time. The vehicles were searched (Volentairily) and when the officers younger backup arrived the tension fell out of the air. The younger officer was amazed to see a photoshoot taking place in Florence and had all sorts of questions about the modifications on the cars and where he could view the shoot later. We were released with written warnings and a few cell phone pictures.The shoot was free flow into the night from that point. Enjoy the results!

Trip to Kansas City – Wrapped S2000

Just a few shots from a summertime trip to Kansas City in my S2000 when It was Wrapped. Also a Stop at the V-Twins grand opening, and a few other shots around town.

New Light – Downtown Kansas City

Shoot of my own car around Downtown Kansas City. Enjoy!

Epic Cruises With the Crew

From time to time in the summertime, the local KC guys like to get up for a ride around town. Sometimes we have a few, sometimes we have many. This cruise in particular was fairly impressive with Juan’s S2000, Jose’s clean G37, Tien’s K-Swapped Integra, Brandon’s Slammed NFR S2000, Tony’s GSX1000,  the bikes, and Myself all tagging along. Many more to see, and as always ENJOY!

Derek Wilsons smooth AP1 S2000

Derek Wilson, a fellow local S2000 owner was looking for some new shots of his S as many of us always are. Using the local channels I was contacted and the end result is what can be seen here! Enjoy!