The Fiery Ginger, Angela Faith.. x2

One of my personal favorites! Originally meeting Angela via Facebook friends, it doesn’t get any better! Featured here are two shoots with Angela, Once downtown KC and the Second time in the Shawnee Mission Park. Incredibly fun to work with and doubtlessly on her way to fame, I was lucky enough to capture her in these awesome sets! Enjoy!

Alisha With Nams WRX and Jeffs R6

Another KC Trends – Fast Fridays

More coverage from a KC Trends Fast Fridays event.

Trip to Kansas City – Wrapped S2000

Just a few shots from a summertime trip to Kansas City in my S2000 when It was Wrapped. Also a Stop at the V-Twins grand opening, and a few other shots around town.

Weekend Meet / Shawnee Mission Park meet

Hosted at the Shawnee Mission Park, the meet is one of the largest local meets that takes place in the summer. Enjoy the shots from this meet!

Gunmetal Madness – Jeremiah’s Exige

The Lotus Exige… My future car. Hopefully sooner than later. Jeremiah was kind enough to clean her up and bring it out. A Half day of shooting and here are the results!

New Light – Downtown Kansas City

Shoot of my own car around Downtown Kansas City. Enjoy!

Night out at the KC Airport

Another hangout turned photoshoot. We wanted to play around with some light-painting action so we headed out to the airport to get some good skyline shots. After a few hours of playing around and dodging traffic this is what we produced!

KC Trends shoot with Naomi and Yessica

A collaborated shoot with Jose Lo, Tony Huynh, KC Trendz ( and the Models Yessica and Naomi. See Below.

Derek Wilsons smooth AP1 S2000

Derek Wilson, a fellow local S2000 owner was looking for some new shots of his S as many of us always are. Using the local channels I was contacted and the end result is what can be seen here! Enjoy!