Vehicle Owners!

Hi, and thanks for taking a moment to read through my offer!


I am a photographer based out of Kansas City, Missouri that specializes in Automotive and Model photography. I have been shooting for 15 years now after getting my start my senior year of high school. I started shooting imports around me and elevated my way into the super-car world over the years. My day job as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche indie tech have helped to surround me with the cars I dreamed of seeing as a kid, now they are a daily part of my life.





 started off as a simple website I would use to share my photography from around the world without loosing resolution to places like Facebook and Myspace. Over the years it began to grow as I established a fan base all over the world. The website now has as many as 25,000 visitors a day from all over the world. My social media site have also grown with nearly 250,000 followers on Facebook, 5100 on Instagram, 1500 on Youtube, and a presence on most super car forums.I originally began with basic automotive photography but found very little monetary support for the subject matter. I was at the time dating a girl who did runway modeling. For fun we did an automotive model shoot and I found my spark. Many people love automotive masterpieces paired with attractive women. Calendars, posters, magazines, the idea has been around for years but no one has really used the idea as the basis for a business. I decided to take that leap and focus on that idea and see where it took me. Now I have over 150+ models, 400 vehicles, in 18 different countries I have photographed.

This brings us to why I have reached out to you! You have a piece of the puzzle I am putting together, a unique vehicle that Id like to use for a model photo shoot. The best part, this is of NO financial cost to you, just your time and a little effort. The basic concept behind my website operates off of “Patrons” or Donors who want to view my more risque model shoots. The money collected from that goes into the operating costs of my website including the website fees, camera equipment, model pay, travel, and other associated expenses. By providing a vehicle and/or location to shoot you will not have to pay to see these images. The processed shoot will be sent to you after the shoot at no cost. I also am happy to shoot some non-model images for your own personal use (Collecting, Ads, insurance, ect). So simply enough, you just have to show up with a fairly clean vehicle for the shoot, thats it!

So also to provide other important information

  • Photo-shoots are typically 3-4 hours per vehicle and model. (One model per vehicle) The model will do 4 total sets in 4 outfits. 2 Casual or club wear styles and  two lingerie sets. Some models have also requested to shoot topless or light nude images however this is only done if the vehicle owner is also in agreement. I do not like raunchy shots, clean/artistic only.
  • I typically produce 80+ finished images and a 2-3 minute behind the scenes video clip per shoot.
  • I am happy to tag or otherwise help promote your associated business with positive comments and links when sharing.
  • I am also happy to maintain your personal or business privacy if you prefer. I typically remove or cover license plates at shoots, or blur them in post processing unless requested to leave visible.
  • Model contact with vehicle is limited depending on outfits, paint condition, and owners comfort. Leaning, touching is only allowed when model is not wearing anything abrasive, typically for the lingerie shoots. Seated inside the car I remind the models to be very cautious not to damage by scratching, kicking, ect. I also take close care not to damage seat bolsters, door panels, floor mats, ect.
  • I do prefer the owner to be present for the shoot, though if they prefer to leave the vehicle to be left in my care arrangements can be made. I prefer not to drive the vehicle aside from limited re-positioning. I am confident, comfortable, and experienced driving vehicles with everything from race clutches, F1/E-Gear transmissions, ect,
  • Photo-shoots are typically scheduled at sunrise or 4 hours prior to sunset.
  • Outdoor or naturally lit environments are preferred. If  the shoot is in the Kansas City area, I can per-scout locations easily. If it is out of town I can do some online scouting, however suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

Here are a few examples of the sets that I shoot:


Thanks again for your time! Please feel free to ask any questions, requests, ect.