New Models

Hello, and thanks for your interest in shooting with!
I am Chazz, Photographer and owner/operator!

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to take a look around the website and get a feel for how works.

So here is some INFO for you! This is REFERENCE INFORMATION ONLY and is subject to change at any time. Please review the paperwork and ask any questions before the shoot to ensure you have all of your answers. I will do my best to keep this page accurate.

RULES: These are important and are necessary for the continued function and growth of
My #1 concern
is your COMFORT at a shoot. I pride myself in my reputation with my models and most are also now my friends. Please DO NOT HESITATE to contact any of my past models for references! If you need contact information please feel free to ask. I am NOT offended and I ENCOURAGE you to speak with them.
With that said, escorts are welcome to shoots, however unfortunately due to past experiences and fairness to all. Significant others (Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Husbands, Wives, ect) are not allowed to attend the shoot. You may bring your best friend, your sibling, mom, even as awkward as it may be your dad if you like. This is not meant to be creepy or make you uncomfortable. The past issues have often simply been the model being more concerned with there significant others option of the shoot rather than the quality of the shoot.

My #2 concern is that you have FUN at the shoot. It’s not work for me, so it shouldn’t feel that way to you. I LOVE what I do, and I want you too as well!

Other important rules:
Due to the constant and extremely limited schedule I do NOT allow last minute cancellations. If you cancel for any reason (Legitimate or not) within 24 hours of your shoot, you will be blacklisted and unable to shoot for at any point. I know this seems harsh, but unfortunately a rash of bail, cancels, and no-shows really put me in a tough place and I cant afford the wasted time any longer. Several moving pieces come into play for my shoots including the vehicle and its owners schedule, the location, the weather, and the release schedule. If you are not SURE you want to shoot, do not plan to.
If something comes up, I get it, life happens. If you let me know SOONER than 24 hours before a shoot we will first try and adjust the shoot schedule to accommodate your time or reschedule it to a future date.
Once shoots have started, the images, videos, and all associated media belong in whole to and its subsidiary. The casual/club-wear photos may be freely used as originally distributed (Not edited, cropped, filtered) only in part (You can not upload the entire set, only one or two images at a time). The Patreon specific images may not be publicly posted until 60 days AFTER the official publishing date on and Patreon. If you would like to use these images for shoot promotion, portfolios, personal websites contact me for case-by-case exception. I am happy to allow you to use any censored images for the better promotion of the set!

Once shoots are published they can not be removed from, Patreon, or associated social media sites for 365 days. If you would like them removed after that time in whole, please send a request to ONLY the model may make this request. Not husbands, boyfriends, fathers, ect….

Why? has been a pet project of mine now since 2003 and has grown exponentially over the past few years. I have shot in 19 different countries with over 200 models and even more cars. I shoot because I LOVE it. I never intended for to be a source of income for me. Over the past few years the cost of equipment, travel, wardrobes, ect for my shoots outgrew my budget as I paid for it all out-of-pocket. That is when I discovered Patreon. This website allows me to share some of my work in exchange for donations to help keep it going. At the time of this pages creation I have just reached enough not only to maintain but also grow it! I am incredibly thankful to all of my friends, fans, family, models, car owners, and location providers that have helped me get to this point!

How does it work?
With the introduction of income, it is only fair to me to pay my models as well. See below for rates: (Updated for 2020)
Model provided own Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe:
Lingerie only shoot (No nudity) Pays $125 Flat Rate

Lingerie and Topless Set Pays $200 Flat Rate
Lingerie and Full Nude Set Pays $250 Flat Rate
If Hair, Makeup, or Wardrobe is needed I currently split that cost with the model 50/50. This is subtracted from the payout.
Due to the nature of the shoots, payment is made to the model at the end of the shoot, typically by check or electronic payment (Paypal/Facebook/Whats App), never by cash.
I am also offer a “Bonus” of $10 for each new users that subscribes to my Patreon during your shoots release period (The date of release for 14 days) This means if I receive 20 new members during the 14-day release period, you will get an additional payment of 20 NEW Members x $10 = $200.00. This is paid at the end of the month following that period. I do this to encourage models to promote there sets on

Whats the shoot like?
Shoots are shot in 3-4 parts and typically take around 2-3 hours.
1-2 sets are causal/club wear style sets (Anything from shorts and a crop top to a club dress) Sexy, but covered for the most part. These two sets get published to for free viewing, they also may be used by you for any portfolios, websites, ect as long as they are not edited/cropped or have the watermarks covered/removed.
1 set is Lingerie
1 additional set is Lingerie OR entirely optional topless or fully nude sets may be taken. NUDITY IS NEVER REQUIRED. This is entirely up to the model. Topless and Nude sets earn more bonus as members are more likely to join to see this content. If nudity is photographed I like to keep it sexy and TASTEFUL. Edgy is not bad, but lets keep it real. Please feel free to ask me for examples of these shoots if you like.

How do I get started?

FIRST Complete this ENTIRE form and send it to me on Social Media or via Email at

#1. Legal Name:

#2. Modeling name:

#3. Location:

#4. Are you interested in a Lingerie Shoot (Pays $125), a Topless Shoot(Pays $200), or full nude shoot(Pays $250)?

#5. Do you already have a portfolio, Facebook or Instagram modeling page?

Send this info and to and at least 2 photos of each style you would like to shoot. (IE: 2 Clubwear style photos of yourself, 2 Lingerie photos of yourself, and if you want to shoot topless or nude, 2 topless or nude photos of yourself thats your COMFORTABLE sharing, can be censored if you prefer) . Links to portfolio’s that have all needed images are fine too. These photos do NOT need to be professional, just clear and complete.
These are for two reasons.
-First so that I know what to expect (Scars or blemish’s that may need to be corrected in post processing, body mods (NOT a bad thing at all, just need to know whats there) such as tattoos and piercings.
-Second I may use some of these photos to cast the vehicle.
Please note BOTH the Form AND photos will need to be sent to be added to the roster and casted for a potential shoot.

From this point I will see what dates we can schedule and start casting a vehicle for you to shoot with. I primarily shoot Exotic and Supercars, Superbikes, and Aircraft. I do on occasion like to shoot rare, and crazy custom vehicles. If you have a preference be sure to let me know!